Friday, April 28, 2006

So thankful to Angie, David's sister

I am really grateful and thankful that the Lord has proivded such a wonderful sister-in-law Angie. She not only donated her stem cells to give David a chance to develop new immunity, she was also a great support to us, especially for being in hospital with him the whole day today when I could not be there.

Through her regular updates via smses on his condition, it alleviated considerable amount of anxiety I would have felt. David was given antibotics and his fever subsided but he was drowsy and tired. He did not sleep well and seemed to be in and out of a dream. He had not eaten the whole morning and had lunch only at around 2:45pm and had another round of Velcade. In the afternoon he was alert and much better. However, at around 7pm, he was having fever again. Please pray that his fever be gone and that he is able to rest well, that he continues to commune with the Lord even in his sleep.

Josh was still having fever since 4pm but is much better now. I am also ok now. Thanks to all for praying for us.

God bless,
Whee Ling.