Wednesday, April 19, 2006

"Dear God, please heal Daddy"

"Dear God, please heal Daddy, in Jesus name. Amen!" Joshua usually prayed short prayers. Yesterday he told me he was shy to pray aloud with his uncle and cousins because his prayers were so simple when compared to his cousins who prayed longer prayers. I explained to him that to pray is to speak to God what is in our hearts and that God does not mind us saying simple prayers so long we mean it from our hearts. His daddy has often taught him to ask the Holy Spirit to teach him to pray.

Tonight, as we have our bedtime prayers, I encouraged him to pray aloud because of the power of the spoken word and reminded him to pray earnstly from his heart. He had a new idea and suggested we take turns to pray, i.e. he would pray then point to me and I would pray and point to him and so on. We knelt down. With his eyes closed and hands together, these were his prayers:
"Dear God, please heal Daddy in Jesus name."
"Dear God, please let Daddy be well soon."
"Dear God, please use the medicine and radiotherapy and whatever the doctor wants to be done so Daddy will be well soon."
"Dear God, please heal the other patients around Daddy and help them to know you, in Jesus name. Amen!"

I was so excited when I heard these prayers and I know these prayers will be answered in accordance to His will. Amen and Amen to each heartfelt prayer!

Praise and glory, wisdom and thanks, honour and power and strength be unto Jesus our Lord forever and ever!

With praise and thanksgiving to our Lord,
Whee Ling