Friday, April 21, 2006

Done with Radiotherapy


Glad to report that David has finished his RT with hardly any side effects. He also did not have a 3rd round of morphine and his appetite has been great. :) Praise the Lord!

In the past few days, whenever he is up to it, he has been diligently writing down thoughts, insights and revelations as dwelt in the presence of the Lord, pondering on His words. He said the past 7 or 8 days were like a retreat for him, experiencing a refreshing touch from the Lord which greatly revived his spirit. Our Lord Jesus is so good!

I am sure he has alot to share the moment he has access to the blog. He still need to be in the hospital for a couple more days as he is scheduled to be given the new drug Velcade which is found to be very effective in treating multiple myeloma, a potential cure. Praise the Lord for such medical breakthrough! As the Velcade may have side effects, please continue to pray that the Lord will spare him of any discomfort.

Our heartfelt thanks for praying with and for us.

God bless,
Whee Ling