Saturday, February 11, 2006

prayfordavid - on his birthday

Today is David's birthday. When I asked Joshua this morning what special occassion 11Feb is, he answered without hesitation "it is Daddy's birthday!". So our sweet little darling boy wished his daddy "Happy Birthday, Daddy!" the moment he saw him.

Today is a day of celebration for our family. While for weeks I was thinking about how to celebrate - a surprise party?, get-together with family and friends... but with my grandma in the hospital and the adjustment we are going through with our new domestic helper (our previous helper Connie has gone home to tend to her family's needs after being with us for 5 years), I did not manage to make any plans. But thank God for David's family. His parents and siblings organized a birthday celebration at our place. Right now as I am updating this blog, they are busy cooking, making preparation for dinner. The only problem is David is still sleeping, resting in bed. He looked pale this morning and had gone back to bed right after a light breakfast. He complained of stomache cram but assured me his is ok. I requested for him to sms Dr Hwang but he said it is not necessary. He has been sleeping till now and I am getting a bit worried. Please pray that he is ok.

Thanks & God bless,
Whee Ling