Sunday, February 12, 2006

Being admitted to SGH again

David finally got up at 7:30pm after lying down/sleeping since 10:30am on his birthday. He was found to be running a fever, 37.9 degrees. We quickly arranged for him to leave for A&E. Dr William ever cautioned us to be admitted once he was found to have fever. We were thankful that he did not have any fever eversince his transplant up till now. Without further delay, Michael, his brother and I sent him to A&E. Within less than an hour, his temperature shot up to 38.9. When the doctor mentioned his fever was almost 39, I was so glad we made the right move. He had a jab, took an X-ray and was promptly warded. The X-ray result showed a little infection in his lungs. Of course, he would have to go thru all necessary tests, from blood culture to... Other than feeling extremely exhausted and cold, he also complained about his persistent headache which started in the morning. While Michael sent us to the hospital, I was praying and also sms-ing prayer requests to uphold him before the Lord, our Healer. When I left the hospital, he was already visibly better. Priase the Lord! Having prayer support from family and friends is the greatest form of support and comfort I experienced.

Even though this is not exactly the preferred way to celebrate David's birthday, it was heart warming to know so many people cared for David. We deeply appreciate all for praying and also the kind and loving intention of some of our friends who actually planned to give David a surprise celebration. He smiled when I told him of the foiled plan to bless him. I knew from his expression his heart was blessed by the love and friendship.

God is love.

While driving back from the hospital, a song I knew when I was in school came to my mind:

"My Lord loves me and Oh the wonder I see,
The rainbow shines in my window,
My Lord loves me."

Knowing He loves me gives me hope and strength for each new day.
Be blessed by His love!
Whee Ling