Thursday, March 02, 2006

Review on Fri 3/3/2006

Dear all,
Josh is much better now, except for slight cough and a little conjuctivities of the left eye.

The last BMA appears clear with no trace of myeloma cells. Dr. William is certain that there is no relapse.He has also tailed down the doasges of some of the drugs, chiefly the immuno-suppressants. As such, he is careful and will review me again tomorrow.

There are 3 areas where there is pain this week - thank God the fracture 8th left rib has lessened tremendously. But the BMA site where another dr did it is still so painful.

Of late, I have been having frequent urination throughtout the day. In order to hydrate myself myself due to my constant thirst, I drink a lot. But the output is much more than my daily intake. Besides, the output of urine each time is not very much although I feel 'urgent'. The pain around my right kidney is a little of concern although all the Xrays (KUB;IVU) and even blood tests for kidney function and glucose are all within the normal range. Anyway,I have another appointment to see the urologist tomorrow for more insights into the problem.

This morning, while waiting with Josh for my brother to fetch Josh to school, I had a good chat with Josh. We were reviewing Phil 4:4, a powerful verse where it shows us the key to real joy in life - to rejoice in the LORD always. Then an old sunday school song many of the "young people" around my age will know.The rest of you are younger peole - there are no old people in this world, it's all in the mind!
Anyway, as I sang to Josh, I changed the words to "Rejoice in the Lord and DON'T COMPLAIN, and again I say rejoice. Josh laughed and enjoyed the fun. But how true it is , that the key to find real joy in life is to be like Paul as he advised and experinced in the midst of all his trials and troubles. Indeed, he has stood the test of being a good soldier and fighter of Jesus.

Someone said, "A soldier is not a soldier until he goes to war." Likewise, a disciple is not really one until he is tested and refined by the adversities and fires in life. Sometimes, the journey seems so long and I grow weary. But these thoughts quickened my spirit to figth on and be a good soldier and disciple of Christ. And of the keys I learn to hold on to in order to have victory is to learn to rejoice, instead of complaining; to become better instead of bitter. Indeed, 'the joy of the Lord is my strength'-Neh 8:10

May you find joy in all you do this day too,

thx for reading our blog - hope you are blessed too,