Monday, May 16, 2005

Result of BMA

Praise the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ! He is worthy of praise, honour and adoration. God is good. His ways are excellent and His mercies know no bound.

The result of the last BMA showed there are still 2 to 3 percent plasma cells in the bone marrow. However, the doctors of the transplant team have decided they would go ahead with doing allogenic transplant (i.e. donor stem cell transplant) for David scheduled from 27May05. We will be able to get more details from Monday's medical appointment. In a way, it is a relief to know that David need not go through 2 transplants. Though, I truly wished the result was better - showing 0%, no more, total remission...I am thankful for all that the Lord has done, His healing touch, His blessings of moving people to pray and walk alongside with us in this journey and His steadfast love, His unchanging and everlasting love. God knows what is best and He is in control.

Another answered prayer is the approval of the medical subsidy. "Thank You Lord! Praise be to You always! "Halleluyah!" He is a God who provides!

Our heartfelt thanks and deep appreciation to everyone who prayed with us. Words cannot express our gratitude and appreciation of your continual prayer support.

Please continue to pray for strength to go through the next phase - it may be more trying, a more difficult test perhaps. Physically, the high dose chemotherapy and radiotherapy would be more unbearable. Please also pray that the Lord will free David from emotional stress and burdens (ministry related burden.)

Thank you once again and may the joy of the Lord be our strength always!
Whee Ling