Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Latest Medical Check up - 15 Nov 2009

Hi all,
By the grace of God, my review with Dr.William Hwang yesterday was good. All blood tests results were good as well. Praise the Lord!

There are several things to thank God for:

1. Sharing At Glory Sanctuary Church and Cell Group
I shared our journey at Glory Sanctuary Church and at a cell group from Bedok Methodist Church last week. It is always so refreshing to brag about the goodness of the Lord! That's what I live for now - nothing but for His glory! We are very thankful that God is using our journey to proclaim His goodness. It makes our "suffering" meaningful, knowing that God can use it to bring the comfort that we have received from Jesus, our comforter into the hearts of others who are going through difficult times as well. We feel honored to be able to minister God's healing and comfort to so many who came up to thank us. We also want to thank God for the ministry that had gone forth - all glory be unto Him!

It is astounding to know that there are new cases being diagnosed every day. At the end of Oct, I received a call from a Catholic friend that he was just diagnosed with lung cancer in early Oct. At the time when he called me, his dear wife received news that she had just been given another bad news about liver cancer. My heart went out to them and prayed with all my heart for God to come true for them in this difficult time.

2. Joshua's exam & competitive swimming
Once again, by the grace of God, Joshua did well in school. We always affirm for the effort he's put in and will always traditionally celebrate with him at Swenson's (his favourite place) whenever the exams are over. We do that for his competitive swimming as well. Last week, his team secured 2 golds for their 50m medley and 50m freestyle relay respectively at the Sports School for his age group. He was really overjoyed! Praise God from whom allllllllllllll blessings flow for scripture says, " Every good and perfect gift is from above." (James 1:17)

Thankyou, for always abiding with us.........even until now!
And we thank God for you too.......... we know who our true friends are in times of crisis. Thank you, for being there!