Monday, October 08, 2007

Josh has fever

Dear all,
please keep Josh in prayer as he was down with fever this whole day. By the grace of God, Whee Ling and I are very thankful that in spite of the moderately high fever,, he is still very active. There is no cough or cold, his throat does not look inflammed or injected.

Although we did not go to church today, Josh said he had a wonderful devotion with mum in the morning. You must be wonderful where I was. I was sleeping because I had headache and rested till almost twelve noon.

We cover your prayers as we continue to take refuge and dwell in the mighty presence of the Lord each day. We sensed that the battle is upon us as we are excited about the launch of our book soon, believing it will glorify the Lord. At the same time, we believe satan is not in any way glad that the name of the Lord be magnified through the book.

Please pray specifically for God's covering over us.

david and whee ling