Thursday, September 03, 2009

Excision of ganglion

"Excision of ganglion" - this was what was indicated on the medical form in preparation for David's operation today. I looked up the dictionary and found ganglion refers to a structure containing an assemblage of nerve cells. I had thought the growth was some form of cyst, some sac formed in the body, containing liquid or semiliquid. No wonder he needed to be under general anesthetic and be operated upon by an orthopedic oncologist. Thank God the operation went smoothly. Thanks to all of you who prayed!

It was a long day for David (he was in the hospital since this 10:30 this morning and waited till about 3+pm for his op and was wheeled back to his ward only at around 5:20pm), but he looked good after the op even though the bandage on his right foot looked so huge. I told Josh it looked like a huge bee hive. Josh was unable to visit his daddy at the hospital because it is not advisable nowadays for children to be in the hospital because of the H1N1 outbreak. He wish to see his daddy before he goes for his BB camp from tomorrow to Sunday. Depending on the doctor's report tomorrow after post-op observation of at least 6 hours, David may be able to be discharged tomorrow. Please do continue to pray for complete healing for David aand also for Josh to have a safe and fun camp. It will be his first time away from home and his parents. Pray for me that I trust more and worry less.

Thanks & God bless!
Whee Ling