Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Seen A/Prof Terence Chua for 'Missed Beats'

The weather in Singapore can be quite unpredictable at times. Nevertheless, each day is a gift of God, whether it is blazing hot or raining like cats and dogs. God is still good! In fact, He is perfectly good! That's what God is like regardless of what sad or bad news life may bring.

The frequent 'missed beats' caused me not to take life for granted again. Each day and night as I take my pulse, there were times when flashes of thoughts would come, "What if I do not get up tomorrow?" And when I open my eyes to see a new tomorrow, my heart rejoices to know that God has granted me another new day to see His goodness in a new way.

Today, I saw Dr.Terence Chua at the National Heart Centre, SGH. He is a very pleasant man who Dr. William Hwang, my transplant physician refered me to. He assured me that my ECG looks normal. In any case, he is putting me on Ambulatory ECG (Holter Monitoring) on 19May. Holter Monitoring is a test where the ECG is continously monitored for 24-48 hours. Hence, any abnormal rhythms will be captured if present. This test is useful for detecting transient rhythm disorders of the heart which are not detected at the time when a single ECG like the one I had is done.

I also saw my Orthopaedic Oncologist after seeing the Cardiologist. The slight pain on my left shoulder kept me awake several times last night. A few XRays were done and it seems that there were no new lytic lesions were found except for a few tiny old, residual ones which are not of real concern.

Thank God for these expert doctors that God has placed me in. They've helped put our hearts at ease although our primary hope and sourse of healing is in the name of the one who raised Jesus from the dead.

Thank you for praying!