Sunday, August 12, 2007

Please pray for Li Leng

Dear all,
Our hearts are very grateful to all of you for your concern and prayers for my father. He was discharged a few days after his admission. Once again, we are thankful for the grace of God upon our family.

Many of you called and some emailed to ask about the oral GVHD in my mouth. It less painful now as it is well controlled with minimal steroids although there are 2 big ulcers on each side of the mouth. with a little more care when I eat, drink or brush my brush, I am able to prevent slight tears on the roof of the palate that often cause bleeding then. therefore, for all these, I am thankful though I am hopeful that it will eventually go away totally.

Also, I am very glad to share that my cough is completely off now. Wow, can't remember how many months now but indeed glad to be off the various antibiotics that I had to take for the past few months for the chest infection. Currently, I just need to take those for prophylaxis.

As I recover with the strength and healing of the Lord, I wish the same for many of my friends who are sick, especially with cancer. It is impossible to name everyone of them although my heart goes out to each of them. A few I know are struggling in the hospital.

Today, I would like to request prayer for Li Leng. Li Leng has the same condition as I do. She was breathless on the morning of August 11th and was admitted for treatment and seen by the respiratory specialist. Thank God for His mighty hand on her - she is given IV antibiotics and is resting more comfortably now. Please pray for complete healing upon her and for her to 'prosper and be in health' as 3 John verse puts it. It is always good to put our hope in the certainty of God's word.

As for the book, we are now in the final phase. Once the editing is done and reviewed by some key reviewers, it will be published. There will be a day in probably mid-September where we will call for a short time of praise and celebration of the goodness of the Lord. You are most welcome to come to worship the Lord with us. We would like to give you a copy of the book as well to share with you about the goodness of His grace.

We will update you on the date, venue and time once the book takes complete shape.
The Lord be blessed and glorified through this simple book that talks our walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

Thank you for being with us,
David, Whee Ling and Josh.