Friday, May 19, 2006

God's timing

David has started on Velcade and he said he felt somewhat weaker physically. He is still taking the steriods to suppress his immunity to guard against GVHD. Please pray for protection from all infections so prevalent in the hospital and that he will be able to sleep well and will not have those painful ulcers again.

He has been reading and pondering on God's timing lately. The message seems to be wait upon the Lord. He is asking for a little more grace to bear with all things while he waits. Taking comfort in the Lord's promise that His grace is sufficient for us.

The Lord has used him to minister to his next bed patient who was diagnosed to have lymphoma just about a month ago. Please also pray that the Lord will use David mightily to dispense His grace and bring hope and comfort to those who are also suffering.

May the Shalom peace of God be with us all.
Whee Ling