Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! The Steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercy never comes to an end. His faithfulness are new every morning, new every year!

Once again, we experienced His grace and mercy as the new year unfolds. Just a couple of days ago, David was coughing, had alot of phlegm, eyes were puffy and red and he even vomited quite badly last Tues morninig. In Joshua's words over the phone (I called from the office), he told me "Daddy vomited, oh so terrible. I was in the bathtub, I drew the shade..what do you call that...(I said shower curtain), oh yes, shower curtain, then I open, he vomited again, I closed it again, then opened, he vomited again, I closed it terrible. He is sleeping now." That was noon time on 03Jan06 and David told me he was going to see Dr William and would be driving himself there. I was anxious and thoughts of "what ifs" made it worse. What if the GVHD (Graft vs Host Disease) becomes chronic and is not just in his mouth but other organs as well? What if it becomes life threatening? What if the new immunosuppression drugs to treat the GVHD is causing complications? What if things turn out for the worse???? What if on the way he was too sick to drive and cannot concentrate? The list goes on... but thank God He is the source of comfort and strength and very present help in time of need. I quickly activated prayer request via sms to our family and some close friends and prayed.

God is so good! So glad to have heard from David later that evening that he had blood tests done, X-ray and did not vomit anymore, he does not need to be warded. Dr William told him the vomiting, hands trembling and giddiness were likely symptoms caused by the drugs. David also has sinusitis and probably urinary tract infection. It was made worse by infection from others who were coughing and having flu as his immunity is still low. Since he is still on antibotics, he just need to wait for the infection to clear.As of today, he is still coughing and has bad nasal discharges.

Dear friends and blogger friends whom we have never met, may I request that if you are praying to the Lord Jesus Christ, the great Divine Healer, for David, please pray that:
1. his sinusitis and urinary infection will clear soon;
2. his oral GVHD will be well controlled. A little GVHD is good (it helps to prevent tumour from growing as the graft is 'fighting' the cancer cells) but it has to be treated to prevent the oral GVHD from affecting the guts and lungs..etc.
The oral GVHD caused the skin inside his mouth to breakdown and he actually experienced pain in his mouth and throat when eating and swallowing food. Spicy food is out for him for now. Please pray that the oral GVHD improves soon as David has been bearing with this for quite a while.
3. he will be completely healed of mulitple myeloma and will not suffer relapse. Dr explained that complete remission does not mean all myeloma cells are totally gone but that the bone marrow test(BMA) and other blood tests showed no evidence of it being in his body now.

Am going to claim complete healing by faith in Jesus Name! Thanks for agreeing with me for the bible says when 2 or 3 agree, it shall be established! Amen!

The amazing thing is God's love is not limited or conditional. What He can do for David and our family, He can do for all who need His touch of healing and provision.

May your 2006 be filled with God's undying love, the grace of our Lord Jesus and fellowship of the Holy Spirit. May your life be blessed with lots of miracles and testimonies for His glory. Have a Blessed 2006!

With you in Christ,
Whee Ling
God bless