Thursday, August 18, 2005

Day 78 after transplant

Hi all,

As we can see from the recent photos posted, our family is fine now after being hit by the recent bout of flu. (BTW, David's Mee Goreng (fried noodle) was yummy). Praise the Lord for his grace and mercy! We are grateful for His healing grace. I do not remember the last time when I had been so sick - fever, running nose, muscle ache...etc and needed 2 rounds of antibotics before I got better. Thank God it wasn't so bad for both David and Josh. They recovered in a couple of days whereas I was feeling sick for almost 2 weeks.

I now really appreciate the blessing of divine healing and realise the importance of staying healthy. At least I need not be taking any more medicine now and to think that David has to continue to take his daily dosage of medicine, I reckon his trial is really not easy. Pray that he will continue to draw strength from the Lord and to take comfort in the Lord's love and blessings upon him.

We found the Lord's blessings in many simple things in life and are grateful for evey one of them, just to name a few:
* Dr William's care and advice, also the books given by him
* The approved medical subsidy, resulting in weekly medical exps not being too much of a burden
* love gifts from friends and family
* friends who faithfully checked our blog though it has not been updated much lately :P
* prayers offered for our family even though we may not be aware of
* David's reflective and intimate moments with the Lord as he goes about his daily morning walks
* time spent as a family watching fireworks in less crowded places such as in the car and some quiet corner of Marina South Park
* David's parenting insights with regards to fathering Josh
* wonderful porridge from David's friend Seng Chor
* delicious chicken soup from cell member Karen
* nutritious vegetable soup from cell member Chye Hee and Aik Kor
(always good to count our blessings)

God is good all the time! May you also count your blessings and be blessed by the sheer fact that God loves you so much!

Grace and Peace from our Lord!
Whee Ling