Monday, July 24, 2006

Platelets has gone down/Latest Cramps

Thank God David was ok after his piles operation and was home since last Saturday. He is so relieved that it was done as he had been bleeding almost everyday.

However, the joy was mixed with anxiety when our dear son. Joshua fell sick on the same day. His temperature soared to 39.9 at some point during the past 3 days. His throat still hurts very badly and thus other than honey water he could not eat or drink much. Lord, have mercy on us! Joshua shocked me when he asked if daddy's blood problem would pass to him. I instinctively uttered "we reject that in Jesus name." I quickly assured him that daddy would not pass anything that is no good to him. With that, he did not question further. Deep down, I was fearful about that possibility, I shuddered at that thought. "Oh Lord, may it never be."

David's medical checkup today showed his platelets to be surprisely low - only 57 (normal range is 140-440). It is probably due to the operation and a few other reasons, but indeed a miracle that he had his operation done we are thankful that there were no complications. God is indeed merciful.

After discussion with a group of doctors, Dr William advised him to consider another 2 rounds of Velcade (chemo) treatments since the recent MRI showed some of lyticlesions (holes in the bones) did not shrink in size. In not doing anything, there is a risk that the aggressive myeloma cells in those so-called isolated places may be out of hand and thus may trigger a relapse. It's just like looking for terrorists, you don't know where they are, but they are there.
In any case, Velcade, unlike the traditional chemo drugs does not harm the normal, healthy cells in the body and is found to be very effective to treat multiple myeloma. Do pray with us for David and may the Holy Spirit continue to show us what to do.

Thanks & God bless,
Whee Ling

Hi all,
I have not written for a while but glad Whee ling has been updating you.It has not been eay for her as a caregiver. Thx God for her!

As she said, it was a great relief to me to have the piles removed through a new surgical procedure that took merely 10 minutes to do. Initially, it worried me because I bled quite a bit the night before.

As the platelets are low, there is a need to watch. My next appointment with Dr. William has been scheduled for Thursday.
But this afternoon, I experienced cramps on my right toes as I was driving home.It happened again few times in the late afternoon, and now my right fingers cramped once at about 7pm.
I informed Dr. William and he wants to scan my brain tonight if it intensifies more and more. there is a high possibility that I will be warded again. If so, do intercede for us as Whee Ling will have to run up and down to the hospital daily. We would also need to 'trouble' my mum who looks after 3 of my nieces and nephew to fetch Josh from the kindergarden.

Josh is unwell and we are concerned that he is sick again. The last bout was just barely a month ago. It saddens me to see him suffering as I know what it is like to have severe pain in the throat where it hurts even to drink.

We are not shaken as we always know that the Lord, our great and good shepherd/Pastor is in full control. Never have our faith and trust in the Lord been so firm before this journey. We have complete confidence in Him to walk us through this current valley. He has been all along. we will see the mountain when we come out of it.

Jehovah is indeed a good and not an evil God, for He is not one who delights in the pleasures of evil and with Him, evil cannot dwell.(Psalm 5:4) But we certainly do value your prayers for the covering under His mighty wings of protection.
And surely goodness and mercy will follow us alllllllll the days of our lives.(Psalm 23:6) - thank you for helping us see the goodness of God through your prayers and love.