Monday, June 26, 2006

Thankful for being able to celebrate!

We are so thankful to be able to throw a birthday party for Joshua last Sat. He turned 6 on 20th of Jun. Initially he was relunctant to go to the church camp because he wanted to celebrate his birthday with his friends in Singapore not in KL. It turned out that he got to celebrate his birthday twice - in KL at the camp and again last sat with our families, friends and relatives. It was a special birthday party because this year his own friends (kindergarten friends) not just children of his daddy and mummy's friends came to celebrate with him.

He had thought when daddy insisted that we should go for the church camp that he was not important to us and that the camp was more important. It was the Holy Spirit who gave me wisdom to explain to him that we should put God first and when faced with such circumstances, we should choose God's will. I told him the story of Abraham and Issac and how God tested Abraham's faith by asking him if he would sacrifice his son. Josh eventually understood that none of us should become an idol (anything that takes the place of the love for God) in any of our lives because we should love God with all our hearts, soul and mind and might. I was amazed that the Lord enabled him to comprehen this important truth.

As you can see from the pictures, he was so blessed isn't it? He loved football so much that he wore a football jersey for his birthday celebration, had a football field cake and even got to play football with his friends and cousins. He had a great time and his friends' mummies also shared with me the children enjoyed themselves tremendously. I am thankful to all who came to bless Josh and us. It was a very very blessed time. "Thank you our dear dear Lord Jesus!"

Joshua's favorite uncle Pastor Pat also commented how good David looked compared to those days when he visited him at the hospital. Indeed, God's grace is sufficient for us.

Yes, we continue to seek His grace and mercy after the celebration. Both David and Joshua were down with fever and cough yesterday. If fact David was so sick, having fever at 38.3, was in bed most of the time and hardly eaten much. We witnessed more healing grace as he got better today. Josh is getting better too. Praise the Lord for His healing touch. As I give thanks, I am also praying and urge you to pray along with me:

1. for David's oral GVHD. His medical appointment today showed blood result was good but the GVHD in his mouth is causing his mouth to be dry and the skin inside his mouth is breaking down causing some pain. Please pray that his mouth will heal and the Lord will stop anymore GVHD in Jesus name.

2. for our China friend Ling Fen who is being treated for Luekemia but not responding too well to the chemotherapy. He is the one who was baptized recently and whose mum accepted the Lord a couple of months ago. Please intercede for him as the Holy Spirit leads us to strengthen their faith and claim the healing made available to all children of God by the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

3. for my friend's young son Johnathan who is suffering from Luekemia. I think he is now 12 years old and his condition was diagnosed last year. He will be going for Bone Marrow Transplant likely on 13Jul. They have found a donor from US whose blood type matched his. He will be admitted tomorrow to KK hospital for his pre-transplant regimen - inserting the hickman line and undergoing chemotherapy to prepare him for the transplant. Please pray for God grace and mercy upon him that he need not suffer the side effects of the chemo and that the BMT be successful without GVHD if possible. That his mum will find strength and hope as she stay with him in the hospital during his treatment. Lets pray that his parents will continue to hang on to Jesus for miraclous complete healing.

4. for David's nieces Isabella and Arabella and my niece Amelia who are unwell, having quite high fever. May our Lord send His word and heals them (Ps 107:20) and bring forth speedy recovery in Jesus name.

Thanks for being partners in prayers. May the Lord bless us with the joy of knowing He is mindfull of us and hears our cries.

God bless,
Whee Ling