Saturday, July 23, 2005

Today is Day 52 - already passed the midpoint

I am sure David must be very happy to have passed the midpoint of his 100 days of "confinement" - also implies he can soon have the freedom to eat outside food. Well, the 1st 50 days have not been bad at all. In fact, we are really very very thankful that he did not develop any complications or contracted any infections during this period. Even the deprivation of hawker food (such as char kway tiao, laksa, chicken rice...etc) did not result in "hardship" at all as David was so blessed to have yummy home cooked food (nutritious soup and lemon chicken etc) prepared by our dear cell member Judy and her mum. The cell group even arranged a special meeting at our place last Tue to bless us. They sang a song written by Dr Melvin to encourage us and we were deeply touched. They even brought durians so David could enjoy one of his favourite food. God's blessings sure come in many varied ways - one thing for sure all good and perfect gifts are from above...
May we be more and more aware of every blessing from our Heavenly Father above.

Please also continue to pray for 100% engraftment so that David's bone marrow will enable him to fight the remaining (if any) myeloma cells so that he is in total remission once and for all. Claiming this in Jesus' name! Amen!

Thankfully & prayfully,
Whee Ling